Thursday, March 17, 2011

Education of dogs and puppies

The education of dogs

Oriented education of pets is required. Today is quite common to find dogs that are not well educated. The concern with the behavior usually occurs when the dog cohabitation is already difficult.

The education of the dog is to match the animal to the rules and living within our family and society, and that includes, so undeniable, proper socialization.
It starts as soon as the puppy arrives at the new house. He learns in one way or another and if not guided, usually learn we do not want to do.

Common situations in which most dog owners live:
The dog jumps on people, which ends making it becomes embarrassed when guests arrive home
The dog drags the owner for the ride to get close and smell someone else's dog.
The animal poops on the carpet in the house of other people you are visiting, etc, etc, etc..
End up having to put the dog out, or in a kennel. The animal is isolated for the duration of visits, parties, barbecues. And the answer is the owner: "He's rude, do not know how to behave." Well, does he really was educated to learn to behave in these situations?

Dogs learn what works, according to their interest in a given time (food, drive, attention, toys, etc.).
Because we want a dog learn to properly receive visitors if it works to get their attention is to jump, grab skirts, pants, shoes, barking? In the small moments in which the dog does not, it does not get what they want and everyone is talking about: "Let him now quietly settled down now ...." All behavior is caused in some way. Why he would not steal food from the hand of an inattentive child if this is a great reward in itself? There may even be a punishment after, but the payoff has already happened.

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