Monday, April 18, 2011

Care for dogs puppies

HOT OR COLD FOOD : Hot food causes diarrhea in dogs and cold food causes stomach pain. Their food should be almost at room temperature. In winter, you may  warm, but never cold or too hot.

Salt and Spices: Salt and spices are poisons to the dogs. Dogs should not eat people food. They should eat pure food, or food prepared especially for them (without salt or seasoning), or a mixture of both. The food diets already have the amount of salt necessary for the proper functioning of the Dog body. No need to add salt or spices in the food made ​​for dogs.

DEWORMIG: A puppy regardless of size, breed or location where you created catches worms. The period can vary from 2 to 6 months, but they all develop worms in the digestive tract, and WORMS KILL.
As soon, a periodic deworming is necessary and required for good health of the animal. Dogs bred in cleaner places take longer to develop worms. A period of three to four months among the application of anthelmintics usually solves the problem.

Broad spectrum anthelmintics should be bought only in pharmacies and veterinarys. The number of tablets to be administered changes as the weight of the dog. So, if you will pay for a drug, make sure that it is efficient. NEVER MANAGE A SMALLER AMOUNT OF PILLS than showed, because here would be useless.
Vomiting and diarrheafor no apparent reason may be symptoms of worms and symptoms of other more serious diseases (parvovirus, and others). Consult your veterinarian immediately if your dog ascompulsive vomiting and diarrhea. DOGS ARE DEHYDRATED within a few hours and can die for it.
They may also show that the dog ate something he should not: spicy food or too much salt, milk, grass, etc.

CLEANING THE EARS: The ears are one of the most sensitive organs of the dogs. Some allow you to clean up peacefully, others are not even allowed you to get close. Dogs with big ears tend to have more ear problems than those with small ears.
To clean the ears of a dog, DO NOT use sharp objects. Wrap gauze or a soft cloth with a cotton swab, sterile water in adequate (type "Epiotic" or otherwise) and wipe gently. Some herbal teas can also be used.

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